Apr. 9th, 2009

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I've had a LiveJournal for almost eight years now. I've given them hundreds of dollars, made thousands of posts and tens of thousands of comments, helped out in Support, brought in new users, created alternate journals and multiple communities, and generally made it my home on the internet, the base from which all my other online activities extend.

So why the hell am I moving to Dreamwidth?

In two words? It's better. Want more? How about five reasons. )

When I actually get a journal there, I'll post a guide to how you can follow and comment on my posts without having to create your own Dreamwidth identity. The site is in Closed Beta at the moment, and when it moves to Open Beta accounts will only available with an invite code or through buying a Paid Account (minimum US$3.) I plan on doing the latter. I'll be prioritizing close friends and people I want to see on the site for invite codes when they're scarce, but later I'll be posting again here offering a code for anyone who wants one, regardless of whether or not I know you (as I did for Inksome.)

So that's why I'm moving to Dreamwidth! And why I'm so incredibly excited about it (this entry doesn't have nearly as many caps and exclamation points as it deserves). Despite the fact that me moving and you staying wouldn't make any difference to our interactions, I hope you choose to follow me in creating and using an account there, for whatever reason.


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